“It’s a Lifestyle” Is Cliché, but True

I touched on this in a previous post, but I feel it needs to be reiterated. I just can’t say it enough:

Getting seriously fit is more than just training.

Indeed, it’s a lifestyle that also requires:

  • Eating the proper amount of food for your current goal, while eating more higher-quality foods and eating less lower-quality foods.
  • Getting more quality sleep (7-9 hours).
  • Removing bad stress from your life, or finding ways to cope with this stress.

These are all very important parts of the lifestyle along with training.

Now don’t get me wrong, training is important. It’s the stimulus, it’s the spur for adaptation.

But recovery is arguably more important.

Recovery is where the magic happens, where your body builds up better than before. Sub-optimal recovery = sub-optimal results = sub-optimal fitness.

So yeah…

It requires much more than the process of actually training.

You see it all the time:

Someone resolves to get seriously fit, but they make the fatal mistake…

They only think about what happens in the gym!

They don’t think about nutrition, sleep, and managing stress not one bit, and although they may make some progress, it’s usually not much and they get discouraged…and then quit.

Look, the gym is only a fraction of it, an important fraction, but a fraction nonetheless.

The Other 161+ Hours Count

You may train 4-7 hours a week.

That leaves 161+ hours a week that you’re not training, and believe me those 161+ hours will make or break your fitness success.

If you fail to support your training with solid nutrition, sound sleep, and a workable stress-management strategy you’re likely not adapting and you’re just spinning your wheels while wasting time and money.

The Cold Hard Truth:

Most will try but just continually fail because they don’t make it a lifestyle.

They think all it takes is an hour of training each day.

No chance.

Becoming fit takes more than most are willing to give. Go anywhere, look around, and you’ll see evidence of this.

It takes 24 hours each day.

7 days each week.

365 days each year (okay, minus a few days, you likely won’t be 100% the whole year, but you get my point).

So, What’s It Gonna Be?

Are you willing to not only commit to training, but also everything that comes with it?

If no, well then good luck. I truly wish you the best.

If yes, welcome to the lifestyle. Let’s get after it.