Don’t Lose WEIGHT, Lose FAT

There’s a big difference between losing WEIGHT and losing FAT.

Losing weight implies losing anything.

This could mean losing fat, yes. But it could also mean losing precious muscle (and with it strength).

The things is, your overall body weight doesn’t really matter.

Your body composition is what really matters.

What is this body composition I speak of? Well, body composition is simply the percentage of lean mass to fat mass.

Lean mass would be things like muscle, bone, and other tissues. We’re mostly concerned with muscle, though. Fat mass is the fat on (or in) your body.

Put plainly, you want your lean mass to stay the same or even go up and your fat mass to go down.

Now, there’s a lot more that goes into this, but the basics rule.

Q: What does this all mean?

A: That you need to do it right.

And avoid muscle loss along with fat loss.

REMEMBER: we never want to lose muscle.

Here are some dont’s and do’s.


  • Crash, yo-yo, or endlessly diet.
  • Cut out whole macro-nutrients or food groups completely.
  • Spend hours upon hours doing cardio.
  • Use unproven or dangerous supplements.


  • Use a sensible calorie deficit.
  • Use fasting (like IF) if you tolerate it well.
  • Eat plenty of high nutrient density, lower calorie foods.
  • Eat plenty of protein.
  • Cheat every once and a while (with your food).
  • Get in your ZZZ’s.
  • Emphasize resistance training and minimize cardio (no, this doesn’t mean completely skip cardio).
  • Commit to the long term.
  • Ingrain in your mind that there are no quick fixes or shortcuts. It’s a lifestyle.

Am I being nitpicky with words here?

I don’t think so.

The words that you use matter.

Words instantly paint a picture in your mind and evoke emotions. Better words could be the difference between you as the strong, shredded beast or you as the soft-bodied afterthought.

Use the right words. Change your mindset. Lose the fat.