5 Great On-the-Go Fitness Foods

Let’s face it: you’re not going to find something that’s all that great if you’re out and about with no food on-hand (or on-foot).

So what to do?

Reach for fast food?

You could. But you don’t want to eat fast food all that often (1-3 times a week).

Prepare, my friend, with on-the-go foods.

These are going to be healthy, convenient, and easy options for when you get into a jam.

Now they won’t be your staples, but they’ll get you through in a pinch while helping you stay lean and strong.


Check ’em out.

Protein Bars

When you’re strapped for time, protein bars can help, big time.

Protein bars are portable, filling, and easy to eat (CAREFUL: sometimes too easy).

When choosing a protein bar, keep some of these pointers in mind:

  • Watch the sugar content. A lot of bars are packed with sugar and are just glorified candy bars.
  • Watch out for sugar alcohols. A lot of protein bars claim they’re low sugar, and then pack the bars with sugar alcohols. Some sugar alcohols can raise blood sugar, and many can cause gastrointestinal distress. I just feel it’s weird to eat sugar alcohols and stay away myself.
  • Go with bars that are sweetened naturally… with dates or some other kind of fruit.

Some of the best protein bars I’ve come across:

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes have the some of the same advantages as protein bars: they’re portable and easy to get down quick.

You can make your own protein shakes (recommended) or buy premade ones.

Be careful with premade shakes, as you can run into the same problems as bars (lots of sugar, fillers, artificial sweeteners, etc.)

High-quality whey with water or milk is a very easy option, but it may not fill you up all that much. It’s something though.

The key to making protein shakes filling and nutritious is to get a blender and add in other foods.

I like to use milk, a high quality protein powder, a banana, and peanut butter. I blend it all up and I’m ready to go. But the possibilities are really endless here.

You can find a high quality protein powder using Labdoor.


Jerky is great because it needs no refrigeration, it can’t really melt or go bad, and it’s pretty high in protein.

But again, check the ingredients. Jerky can also be loaded with sugar, fillers, and other junk.

Another thing to look out for is soy. The jury is still out on soy, but I stay away myself… just not worth it.

I usually go with Epic Provisions.


Fruit… nature’s original on-the-go snack. You really can’t go wrong with fruit.

Bananas, apples, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, etc. can all be great options when you need something fast.

Make sure to pair fruit with a protein though, as fruit isn’t all that satiating, and can even make you hungrier than you were before.

Eggs (hard-boiled)

Eggs are a great source of protein, they fill you up, and are chocked full of nutrients.

Sure, eggs have gotten some bad press in the past (mostly due to fat and cholesterol content), but they can definitely be part of a sensible diet if you don’t overdo them.

For eggs to be portable you’ll have to hard-boil them. The easiest way to have hard-boiled eggs on hand is to “batch” them, or cook a bunch at one time and store them for later.

And there you have it.

5 great on-the-go fitness foods.

Listen, don’t let your busy lifestyle be your undoing.

Be smart, plan, eat, and conquer.


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