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Last Few Weeks

Last few weeks of the outdoor training season here in north country *tears*. Going to miss the stress relief that nature brings. The plus side is getting indoors and finding new and fun forms of training.

Nice Little Burn

Nice Little Burn

1 mile treadmill run, 1500 meter row, and 500 steps on the gauntlet (AKA stair stepper) all in a row. Using different modes of training can keep you from getting bored, and may even prevent overuse injuries because you’re moving in different ways.

You CAN Fly

Not by yourself, of course.

But you can gather the resources, get into an airplane, and yes… fly.

How is this possible?

The knowledge, ingenuity, and engineering of others, past and present.

It’s the same for anything, and it’s the same for fitness.

It takes a strong supporting cast to accomplish something spectacular. It takes having a team that supports you. It took people from the past, and it takes people from the present to experiment, fail, and grow.

Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

So, assemble your team:

Enlist the help of others. Get the support of others. Find great information.

This will help you take off in your fitness journey.